A downloadable aries for Windows

Created By: Aniket Raj, Sean Blonien, Travis Lawrence

Humanity has decided to colonize a new planet. The planet, however, is not pleased with this, and has manifested itself in the form of a god, Aries, to destroy the new civilization.

This is a VR game in which you, Aries, control the environment and restore the planet to its former glory before the human invasion. The object of the game is to destroy 10 enemies. Aries has the ability to cast lightning, summon meteors, and throw boulders at the enemies residing on the planet. 


  • Thumbsticks - movement
  • Grips - grab boulder
  • Left Trigger - summon meteor
  • Right Trigger - summon lightning

Original map, models, textures, and sounds.


Aries 597 MB

Install instructions

Download the compressed files. Extract the files. Run the Aries.exe with your VR software already running.

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